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COVID19 Mitigation Plans and Procedures

While we were saddened to have to cancel our Spring 2020 Recreational season and many other activities, many people have suffered much worse from this global pandemic.  As we return to play things may require a slightly different look and some additional mitigation.  The document linked below contains TSA's plans to ensure a safe and healthy return to play.

TSA COVID19 Mitigation Plan

Please keep the following player safety rules in mind when you get your player ready for their game:

1)      The uniform is shirt, shorts, socks and shoes. When it gets cold they are allowed to add layers under their uniform, but be sure nothing hangs out (strings, hoods, etc). The shoes do not have to be cleats (especially for the younger ages). If they do wear cleats, they need to be soccer or multi-sport cleats. The thing to avoid is a toe cleat. The toe cleat is great for baseball and American football, but becomes a hazard to the player and their teammates in soccer.

2)      No jewelry of any kind can be worn during the games (or practice). Taping earrings is not good enough. They have to be removed to play. Necklaces have to be removed. Anything on the wrist has to be removed. There are 2 exceptions, Medic Alert jewelry and religious emblems. These items have to be taped down so there is no way to get a finger under them or snag them in hair or a shirt. Generally if a parent is there we ask that Medic Alert jewelry be removed since the parent knows their child’s health needs, but it is not required in that case.

3)      Anything in the hair has to be soft and not knotted. Hair bands and elastics that don’t have metal or plastic on them are great. Bows, elastic under-wrap that is tied, tied ribbons, or anything else with a knot is not allowed. Even with soft materials the knots will concentrate energy, so they aren’t allowed.

4)      Prescription glasses are allowed. If you child can see well enough to play without them, you may want to consider that. Using a soft glasses retainer (no beads or knots) is a good idea. It won’t protect them from injury if they get hit in the face, but it will prevent the glasses from flying away and getting stepped on.

5)      Playing in a walking boot is not allowed. Even if your doctor approves it, the boot is a hazard to the other players so it isn’t allowed.

6)      Playing in a cast or brace may be allowed. There are soft braces that are designed to be sport friendly. These have no metal parts exposed and plastic parts are rounded. A cast must be wrapped in bubble wrap and a covering of some sort to protect the bubble wrap. If the wrapped cast turns into a club during play the player may be asked to step off the field regardless of the wrapping.

7) When setting up at the fields, please stay 6-10 feet back from the touch line. The whole ball has to be across the line for the ball to be out of play, 

The key to all of this is to protect the players. This includes protecting the player from injuring themselves and protecting the other players from injury. We want everyone to play as long as they can do it in a safe manner for them and all the other players too.


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